Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade (exploited street boys in Romania)

View this disturbing documentary for free here on Google Video.

This documentary follows young teenage street boys in Romania who exchange sex for money, in particular with foreign men. It follows the stories of several boys who were exploited and abused by British pedophile Tom Peters (he created a pornographic website containing images of underage boys).

The film maker tracks down the pedophile himself by pretending to be a foreign client. Tom Peters informs the film maker that one of his young teen boys is about to travel to Germany for a a few weeks, to spend time with a client there who happens to be a top judge. Scary stuff.

The film maker also travels to Milan, Italy where many Romanian people live, and talks with Romanian boys who are involved in prostitution (one very young boy is being prostituted by his own father).

The documentary was made by British filmmaker Andrew Smith and Romanian reporter Liviu Tipurita.


~ by kwugboots on July 12, 2009.

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